Why ride a winter TT?

I know many of you are asking this question, why would I want to ride an indoor time trial? I’m not a racer… At least that is what my wife asked me, why would anyone want to do this TT thing?

Here are the top 5 reasons I would give to join the fun:

#1 If you are a competitor (triathalons, city limit signs, etc), keeping that competitive mind set in the winter will help you jump start your spring. Thinking about doing your best will keep you motivated in your winter training. Even though you are working on base miles, strength, technique in the winter you could benefit from the additional focus these events bring.

#2 If you are a recreational cyclist, this is a gathering of cyclists of all abilities and why not take another opportunity to socialize? Come early, stay after and watch, chat with friends, and talk about what could have been.

#3 If you always wanted to know how you stack up against your peers in power, you can see your real time and average power along with heart rate during the event.

#4 If you are doing a training program or always wanted to know what your “threshholds” are, these long events where you are pushing yourself can give you a pretty good number to work from. Although not as specific as a Lactate Thresh hold or a VO2 Max/Thresh hold test it would be good.

#5 If all else fails to motivate you, why not support Tour de Cause? These folks are doing great work here in the community and this is a fund raiser for them.

OK, so you may have missed the first event, you didn’t miss the second event and the entire series is just $50. That is only $12 per event to get all of these benefits, that is a real deal!

Details and sign up here: http://www.crookscycleright.com/ccr/upcoming-events/tdc-winter-time-trial-series/

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  1. Winter is the time to build base miles, not interval trnnaiig!I am a bit of a fair weather rider myself, but I am going to have to resign myself to the fact that I have to ride whatever the weather.Endurance has been a problem for me this year but I am determined next year wont be the same.Training indoors is mind-numbingly boring. I don’t recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary.My advice: Put on your base layers and waterproofs and do the biz’ It’s the only way..

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